Looking for adventure

Bag packed. . .Check
Travel route planned. . .Check
Snacks. . .Check
Water. . .Check
Tote Bag {for any purchases}. . .Check
Comfy Walking Shoes. . .Check
Wine {for when we relax at the B&B}. . .Check, Check & Check!

Once again, the "The Stitchin' Sisters" are heading out on a two day excursion. Fabric overload, if you will.

Every three or four months, we get together and head out into the wild blue yonder. We enjoy soaking up the culture of small communities and enjoying all they have to offer. And visiting fabric stores along the way, of course.

But this time, six of the seven of us; Thelma & Louise with Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia; will pile into Thelma's van and head to this place where everything comes together. Where incredible talent and creativity are on display for all to see; a place where inspirations are fed and aspirations are reached. Where a necessity of the past has become a fine art. The famous Paducah Quilt Show.

Whether the fabric is still on the bolt or already playing an important role in the visual dance of a quilt, I thoroughly enjoy soaking up the harmony created when fabric comes together. And I am so glad that I share this with "The Stitchin' Sisters".

Happy Quilting,

To the seventh member of our crew: Hester Sue ~ I hope you have a wonderful week and you will be with me in my heart. Drop me a line when/if you get a chance. Luv ya! ;-)

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